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Drug Facts

Hydrocodone-containing products are in tablet, capsule and liquid forms. A variety of colors, markings, and packaging are available.

Hydrocodone - a mix of synthetic codeine and acetaminophen - is the most abused prescription drug in the United States, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The major source of Hydrocodone to the street has been through bogus call-in and forged prescriptions, professional diversion through unscrupulous pharmacists, doctors, and dentists, and large-scale thefts. The pills have been sold for $2 to $10 per table

Hydrocodone will react as a normal opiate in the available field test kits.

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DUI charges in Idaho.

Manslaughter suspect jailed on DUI charge.

SANDPOINT,Idaho -- An Oldtown,Idaho man awaiting trial on vehicular manslaughter and methamphetamine possession charges was arrested on Saturday for allegedly driving under the influence of meth.

Judge Debra Heise set Jason Charles Miller's bail at $70,300 on Monday and is requiring him to submit to drug tests twice a week if he posts bond. Heise also forbid Miller from driving for the time being.

Miller told Heise he intends to hire Doug Phelps, a Spokane, Wash., attorney who is already representing him.

Miller now faces a second meth possession, in addition to the DUI charge.

Miller, according to an Idaho State Police report, was questioned after a Bonner County,Idaho Sheriff's deputy allegedly saw him stumble from his vehicle at the Laclede Store on U.S. Highway 2.

The deputy relayed the information to ISP Trooper Chris Yount, who questioned Miller when he stopped at a filling station at U.S. 2 and Highway 57 in Priest River, an arrest report said.

Miller, 26, reportedly told the trooper he had an ankle injury. Miller's pupils were dilated and he failed field agility tests, the report said.

Miller was arrested and a search of his pockets turned up a glass pipe with residue which tested positive for meth.

Miller has been free on bail awaiting trial on a felony charge of vehicular manslaughter stemming from a July 1, 2006, crash on Highway 57 which claimed the life of a Spokane man headed to his family's cabin at Priest Lake,Idaho.

Richard Martin Boge, 78, died at the scene of crash 11 miles north of Priest River,Idaho. Boge is the father of Sandpoint,Idaho Councilman Michael Boge.

Idaho State police said Miller crashed his pickup into Richard Boge's sedan as Miller was passing vehicles on the highway. Both were headed north and Richard Boge was ahead of Miller when Boge signaled and slowed to turn left into a waste collection site, ISP said.

Meth and intravenous drug paraphernalia were discovered during the crash investigation.

Miller's trial on the manslaughter charge is set to start on June 11. His trial on the meth possession charge is slated to begin on June 25. Counsel for Miller seeks to strip the state of its drug evidence in the 2006 meth case, arguing that police never impounded Miller's crashed Ford Ranger and therefore had no right to search it. The defense also contends Miller was not properly informed of his rights prior to submitting a urine sample.

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